Green & Sustainable Solutions
for Disposable Healthcare Products

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Biodegradable, eco-friendly healthcare products help making medical waste flows more sustainable, fight environmental pollution and contribute to a greener planet. Contributing to a more sustainable world does not have to be complex, expensive or time consuming. Choose bio-sustainable products offered by Green it Out.

Earth-friendly Choices

Most of the products used in healthcare have a petrochemical base. By choosing for biodegradable, eco-friendly products offered by Green It Out your company will help contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Greening it out

Committing to a greener environment does not have to be expensive, time consuming or complex. Using products that have a smaller impact on the environment can be a great start and ensures a relatively easy transition towards a more sustainable business management.

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of total medical waste is comparable to residual waste and can be recycled, reused and biodegraded
tons of residual waste are produced by Dutch healthcare institutions every year
of Dutch hospitals and 25% of other healthcare institution say sustainability is important
healthcare institutions have joined the Green Deal for sustainable healthcare.