Why Green it out?

Green it out is originated from the call for a more sustainable planet. The need for a circular economy is growing and more and more governments, companies and institutions feel the need to contribute. The medical sector acknowledges the need for greener solutions, which has resulted in a growing demand for eco-friendly products. Having a background in health and economics we felt we could cater to these needs. Right now, the availability of these kind of products is limited. Our goal is bringing together as many biodegradable, earth-friendly, sustainable products as possible, making it easier for users willing to change to the greenest solution.


Green it out has set out to greening out the waste flows and where possible reduce them. We are always looking out for the greenest, most sustainable solution for single-use products. This way you are ensured of the most earth-friendly products and we all make a contribution to a greener planet.


Our biodegradable products comply with the EN-13432 norm as much as possible, meaning they are industrially compostable. Biodegradability does not mean that waste can be disposed freely in nature, but it does comprise a much faster degradation under the right circumstances. This way we can reduce the total amount of refuse.

When the biodegradable solution is not available, we choose biobased products, fabricated from renewable biomass. These products comply with the EN 16785-1 norm. By choosing biobased products we reduce the use of fossil fuels.


Our customers are mainly active in healthcare. Our products are often used in hospitals and by other caregivers like gp’s, dentists, nursing homes and veterinarians.